ART always held a special fascination for me. I am a SELF-TAUGHT artist and textile designer, born and raised in Moscow and now currently living in the NETHERLANDS. My designs reflect the heritage of my native land and new skills I’ve learnt through self-guided learning, using books, videos, MUSEUM visits. I spent a lot of time doing style studies of Dutch OLD MASTERS paintings to develop technique.
I use the realistic style of painting for creating TROMPE-L`OEIL wall murals and giving the ILLUSION of a three-dimensional scene behind the wall, that not only “FOOL THE EYE” but captures the imagination and engages the mind as well. I also like to make Bas RELIEF sculptural murals. The artwork is physically sculpted to utilize light and SHADOW for a powerful impact.
I love to SHARE my practice and enjoy helping people to develop their drawing and painting skills. You can find me TEACHING weekly classes for adults.
A few years ago I was in the creative SEARCH and I was looking for a new MATERIAL. I found the way that has turned out to be ‘the one’ for me: the medium of hand-made FELT textiles. Felt making is a long, physical and intuitive process.
In my work I combine protein FIBERS from silk cocoons and animal fleece with other NATURAL materials and human-made products, like leather, metal, glass, wood and textiles.
I like the freedom of felt in a wide variety of DESINGS,the SHAPES and COLOURS.


2011 Het Talens Palet drawing and painting competition. Winner region round. Special price Final
2016 “Seele des Filz” Jungesforumkunst, Siegburg, Germany. Felt Artworks from Russia
2016 “Bezielend Vilt” Almere, Netherlands
2017 “Soul Of Felt” Prato, Italy