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February 16, 2017
March 4, 2017


As part of the traveling exhibition “Inspiring Felt” with felt artistic works from Russia and neighboring countries, the Live-demonstration was organized on the 19th of november. I was one of 6 Russian feltartists which were invited. Nina Demidova, Elena Tarabukina, Marina Klimschuk, Renata Kraus, Natalia Oridoroga and I demonstrated our special felting techniques together.
I showed my painting skills: where I get my inspiration from and what I do with it, how I use different painting techniques to paint it on felt, which tools and resources can be used, and what the easiest way is to let certain dyes fix on the felt.
It was pretty chilly that day in the Schaapskooi of Almere Wolunie, but the atmosphere was warm and open. People could walk and look around, or sit at a demonstration table. I noticed that a number of people had a special interest in my painting process, and that encouraged me to tell even more for this international group. I had to switch from Russian to Dutch and then to English, but that did not spoil the fun, because we understood each other very well eventually. I used he garments of my collection presented at the fashion show the day before as examples of how the dye techniques can be applied to the felt. And it was the the reason for the improvised catwalk for beautiful ladies.
Shortly, the felt-day demonstration was a successful party with lots of felt lovers around you!